March 2011


Don't waste your money trying to repair your old aluminum windows and doors. Why bother. For the amount of money that you will have top spend to replace glass or replace wheels or replace screens you can almost replace those old products new efficient vinyl windows or doors.

Going Green With Replacement Windows and Hardie Siding

So you want to be GREEN, well here is your chance to get FULL TILT BOOGY GREEN.

When you install New Replacement Windows, Doors and New Hardie Fiber Cement Siding you can't get greener than that. Spend your money on products that are going to beautify your home, make your home much more weather resistant, keep the heat inside your home in the winter and outside your home in the summer, and put money back in your pocket when you lower your energy bills. Now that's GREEN!

New Window Advantage

Replacement windows… It just keeps getting better.

Do you have either old wood double hung windows or aluminum framed windows? The old single glazed or aluminum framed windows are costing you money. Would you like to see how inexpensive new vinyl replacement windows can be? Call Window Haven today for a free in home estimate.

Replacement Windows

Your timing on having your windows and doors replaced could not be better. Window and Door Replacement during this time of year let's you affort more products for your dollars spent. Mid winter months is a great time to do your window and door replacement. Most window installing companys like Window Haven and most of the window and door manufactures are going all out to entice you to buy windows and doors with lower pricing to the end user, you.