August 2011


It is still summer and we are enjoying very pleasant weather. But you know what's on the horizon, a COLD, WET AND WINDY WINTER! And you know what else that brings, you guessed it, your PG&E energy consumption bill. And guess what, that energy consumption bill is going to be higher this winter than last winter. Inflation is part of that cost increase but the other part of that cost increase is that you could be part of those homeowners that have not done anything about your old single glazed (or dual glazed) aluminum windows and doors in your home.

When is the best time to install Replacement Windows and Doors?

So, when is the best time to install replacement windows and doors. Really anytime! But for the best conditions in weather and daylight, the TIME IS NOW!

What are you waiting for? Why suffer through another hot summer day that makes your home uncomfortable. Replacing those old single glazed aluminum window and door products will make a huge difference in the comfortablility of your home. No more southern or western facing rooms that get extremely hot from the late afternoon sun blasting heat into your home.