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2012 Spring Homeshow & Website Discount

The 2012 Spring Sonoma County Home & Garden Show was a great success! We got to meet a lot of new people as well as previous customers. There was a few of “do it yourself” that come by to asks questions. For you “do it yourself”, don’t forget we can get everything you will need to install your windows & doors down to the interior wood trim.

As special promotion for anyone who saw us at the Spring Home Show or see this blog Window Haven will give you an Extra 5% off. Please mention this add before the proposal is given.

Sonoma County Home & Garden Show ~ March 16th - 18th

Spring is in the air, weather is sunny & warm, time to start with your spring projects! Good thing the Sonoma County Home & Garden Show is coming up, March 16th – 18th. Window Haven will be out there to help you get a jump start on your window & door replacement ideas. Be sure to visit our booth in the Grace Pavilion (northwest corner). As a boost for you to come and check out the Sonoma County Home & Garden Show, I have (2) pairs of tickets ($14.00 value) to the first two people to call me and ask for them.

Window Haven



Can you believe it It hit 79 degrees in downtown Santa Rosa two weeks ago. Today is to be in the low 70’s. This sunshine and warm weather you might have put the idea of window replacement on the back burner. But now is a great time to get a jump on the spring cleaning & home improvement projects. With the Federal Tax rebate program (up to $200.00) and the Sonoma County Energy Independence Program now is the time to get that jump on getting those projects started.

New Window Advantage

Replacement windows… It just keeps getting better.

Do you have either old wood double hung windows or aluminum framed windows? The old single glazed or aluminum framed windows are costing you money. Would you like to see how inexpensive new vinyl replacement windows can be? Call Window Haven today for a free in home estimate.

Maintenance For Your Sliding Glass Door

Have you noticed that your once smooth gliding sliding glass door, now seems like it is dragging? As with most everything else your door needs to be maintained. There are just a few simple steps to correct the dragging problem, before it starts to do damage to your door track.

Make sure your sliding glass door track is cleaned / vacuum free of dirt. Check the weep holes at the bottom of the door frame, to be free of dirt / debris.

What’s new at Empire Pacific Windows

The Flip Lock is our standard positive self latching lock. The ergonomic design allows the window to lock when the operable vent is slid closed. The flip lever will stay up to act as an indicator reminding you that you have to continue closing the sash to safely and securely lock the window. This lock passes all forced entry testing. 

Tips for a lifetime of effortless operation

Following a few simple steps, you can ensure your vinyl window or patio doors open, close, lock and unlock smoothly for as long as you own your home. Guaranteed. In fact, if anything ever goes wrong with one of our products in a single-family home, the manufacture will fix it for as long as the original owner lives there. Parts and labor included.


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