We have a great product that we would like to introduce to you. The Solectric Day-Light System is a small solar panel that mounts to the roof of your home and provides light during the daylight hours to the dark spots in your home like hallways, closets and bathrooms.


WINTER IS COMING! WINTER IS COMING! So, are you ready? Have you inspected your home? Have you looked at all the exterior to make sure your home is water tight? Have you recaulked areas that needed attention? Have you repainted if that is necessary?

So now the BIG question. Have you replaced your old sweating, mildew growing and air leaking windows and doors with new efficient windows and doors? Well, if not you need to ask yourself, why not?


It is still summer and we are enjoying very pleasant weather. But you know what's on the horizon, a COLD, WET AND WINDY WINTER! And you know what else that brings, you guessed it, your PG&E energy consumption bill. And guess what, that energy consumption bill is going to be higher this winter than last winter. Inflation is part of that cost increase but the other part of that cost increase is that you could be part of those homeowners that have not done anything about your old single glazed (or dual glazed) aluminum windows and doors in your home.

When is the best time to install Replacement Windows and Doors?

So, when is the best time to install replacement windows and doors. Really anytime! But for the best conditions in weather and daylight, the TIME IS NOW!

What are you waiting for? Why suffer through another hot summer day that makes your home uncomfortable. Replacing those old single glazed aluminum window and door products will make a huge difference in the comfortablility of your home. No more southern or western facing rooms that get extremely hot from the late afternoon sun blasting heat into your home.


The summer heat is finally here and you might want to evaluate the comfortability of your home. What options do you have? What is cost effective? What can you do that will work both summer and winter?

Well one of the answers would be to replace your old windows and doors with new efficient window and door replacement products. With todays technology you can greatly improve the comfortability and appearance of your home as well as reduce your cooling and heating costs.


Well it looks like the weather is still the weather. Always changing and unpredictable and that is just the way it is with weather.

But the weather doesn't really matter when it come to the installation of replacement windows and doors. IT"S TIME TO MAKE THAT DECISION! Get the best prices in a number of years, get the latest technology in glass, and get the best installation in the area with Window Haven and their team of professional installers.

Our apologizes

It has come to our attention that Window Haven inadvertantly posted an incorrect picture to our website. We were taking pictures, for our website gallery, of homes in the Petaluma area that Window Haven had installed replacment windows and doors. We were working off of an address list that had an incorrect address. We took one picture of a home in Petaluma and posted that picture to our website that we had not installed the replacement windows. We had quoted the window replacement for that home but the homeowner had choosen another company to do the installation.


With the spring season finally arriving to our beautiful area it is time to really get serious about home improvements with the installation of new energy efficient windows and doors. Look to Window Haven, your Diamond Certified window and door experts, to supply and install those energy efficient window and door products. We do it best, why go anywhere else.


Don't waste your money trying to repair your old aluminum windows and doors. Why bother. For the amount of money that you will have top spend to replace glass or replace wheels or replace screens you can almost replace those old products new efficient vinyl windows or doors.

Going Green With Replacement Windows and Hardie Siding

So you want to be GREEN, well here is your chance to get FULL TILT BOOGY GREEN.

When you install New Replacement Windows, Doors and New Hardie Fiber Cement Siding you can't get greener than that. Spend your money on products that are going to beautify your home, make your home much more weather resistant, keep the heat inside your home in the winter and outside your home in the summer, and put money back in your pocket when you lower your energy bills. Now that's GREEN!

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