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Tiny House Project

Window Haven recently supplied all new, red painted, vinyl windows to this Tiny House Project with Council on Aging.

Enter the raffle for your chance to win a Tiny House and support the Meals on Wheels Program!

Considerations for Replacing Your Windows

You may be considering the project of replacing windows in your home. Similar to flooring, paint, and appliances, your home’s windows need to be replaced at some point in time. Below is a list intended to help you determine if the time to begin your window project is now:
  • Do you want to change or upgrade the appearance of your home?
  • Do you have old aluminum windows currently?

Winter is coming but, it's not here yet!

Winter will soon be upon us and along with it the cold, rainy weather. Are you ready for the upcoming cold nights? Have you inspected to ensure your home is prepared for the El NiƱo that is coming our way? Is everything water tight?

Summer is here!

Summer is here and so is the hot weather! The recent hot days might have you evaluating your home comfort. If you have old, single pane windows you may be ready for new, more efficient replacement windows and doors. Now is the perfect time to make those home improvements with the extra daylight hours. You may be wondering: What are my options? What can I afford?


Replacement vinyl windows and doors is the thing to do in today's enviroment. If you want to do your part in reducing your footprint in today's world then it is time to take the steps to replace your old sweaty, mildew growing aluminum window and door frames. Call Window Haven for your free in home estimate appointment. Get the latest knowledge and understanding of what your new vinyl windows and doors will do for the comfort of your home, the reduction of the energy bills of your home, and a great change in the exterior appearence of your home.

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