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Replacement Windows

Your timing on having your windows and doors replaced could not be better. Window and Door Replacement during this time of year let's you affort more products for your dollars spent. Mid winter months is a great time to do your window and door replacement. Most window installing companys like Window Haven and most of the window and door manufactures are going all out to entice you to buy windows and doors with lower pricing to the end user, you.


Like in real estate where location, location, location is primary Window Replacement needs to meet the same criteria. Window replacement requires a well trained group of installers that have the talent to preform to the high standards that Window Haven has created. Window replacement requires the right products that meet the clients requirements and also meets Window Haven's high standards. So with well trained installers, great products and perfect installation methods you will have the best window replacement in Sonoma County.


Thinking about replacing those old drafty and mildewing aluminum window and doors? Now is the time. Replacement window pricing is very cost effective this time of year. Winter and spring are the best times to really get serious about window and door replacement. Pricing is great. The scheduling is quick. You just have to dodge a few rain drops now and then.

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